Earn yield on STX and USDA with Arkadiko

On this page, we'll discuss the current opportunities for USDA to be used in the Stacks DeFi ecosystem:

  1. Using USDA as a component for providing liquidity to volatile swap pairs:

    There are liquidity pools for STX/USDA, DIKO/USDA, xBTC/USDA and ALEX/USDA, all of which earn trading fees and DIKO incentives as reward for providing liquidity. Note that this does expose you to different asset types and their price evolutions. You might also suffer from impermanent loss. Please make sure you do your research and decide if the risk is worth it.

  2. Deposit USDA in the Liquidation Pool to earn DIKO and discounted collateral.

    Read more about this opportunity: Liquidation Pool

    Go here: https://app.arkadiko.finance/liquidation

  3. SOON: Deposit USDA in the StableSwap on Bitflow.

    You can provide liquidity in StableSwap liquidity pool on Bitflow and stake the resulting LP token on Arkadiko stake page. View all available opportunities and DIKO APR's here: https://app.arkadiko.finance/stake

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