Is it safe to invest money in Arkadiko?

  • Please do your own research and decide for yourself.

Is Arkadiko audited?

  • Arkadiko has been audited but you should move forward with care as no audit is catch-all guarantee. Bugs or exploits could exist alongside the possibility of losing 100% of your invested funds.

Who runs Arkadiko?

  • No one. Arkadiko is DAO-governed. All decisions are formed by community members on the forum and made by token holders through snapshot voting. There is a group of core-contributors that help maintain the infrastructure and code-base.

Feedback and Support

If you have questions or need help, we can assist you through the following channels:

If you have feedback or have found a bug, please refer to the following channels to make us aware:


What is an Arkadiko Vault?

Arkadiko allows users to create a Vault. Users can deposit and withdraw assets into their Vault. Based upon the value of the assets locked in the Vault, a Vault Value is decided.

Vault Value allows users to create an overcollateralized debt position. Currently, Arkadiko allows users to mint up to half of the Vault Value in USDA. The user takes on a debt in USDA and now has the responsibility to monitor the health of his vault (to avoid it becoming undercollateralized) and to repay back his USDA debt should he ever wish to regain access to his assets in the Vault.

What is USDA ?

USDA is a stablecoin created by Arkadiko. USDA operates on a full reserve model. For every USDA in existence, there exist assets locked into Arkadiko Vaults such that the value of all assets in Arkadiko Vaults at all times eclipses the value of the total amount of USDA in existence. USDA is created when a users created USDA debt against collateral in an Arkadiko Vault. USDA is destroyed or burned when a user repays his debt in USDA.

What is DIKO?

DIKO is the native protocol token of Arkadiko. It has the following uses:

1) Users can stake their DIKO in the Security Module to receive stDIKO.

2) Both DIKO and stDIKO holds voting power in the Governance process of Arkadiko.

3) stDIKO holders receive periodic rewards based on ecosystem incentives.

In general, DIKO serves as a coordination mechanism in the Arkadiko protocol.

When did Arkadiko launch?

Arkadiko launched on November 22nd 2021.

V2 of the protocol is scheduled for Q1 2024.

What is Arkadiko 2.0 ?

Arkadiko 2.0 is the next iteration of the Arkadiko protocol.

It introduces or plans to introduce several protocol enhancements such as:

1) Redemption mechanism

2) Tokenomics upgrade

3) stSTX collateral

What can I do to contribute?

Depending on your skills and background, you can help us make Arkadiko a success. We can always use people that can contribute the following:

  1. Be active in the community. Spread the word about Arkadiko and its internal workings so that everyone understands the protocol and is able to participate.

  2. Collateralize your STX tokens in our vaults and use your newly gained USDA liquidity for yield farming opportunities.

  3. Build a protocol that incorporates either DIKO or USDA, giving them greater utility within the Stacks DeFi-ecosystem.

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