Token distribution of the Arkadiko token

  • 100 000 000 tokens minted.

    • 21 % Team -- 4 year vesting with monthly unlocks after a 6 month cliff.

    • 12 % Strategic raise -- Small private sale to key investors with clear value add.

      Same vesting as team tokens.

    • 17 % ArkadikoDAO Treasury -- Locked tokens held by the DAO. Allocated to use cases that clearly benefit the protocol. Catches future token needs that can not be conceived right now.

    • 50% Ecosystem reward pool -- Arkadiko tokens are emitted according to the emission schedule as an incentive for users to provide liquidity to the protocol.

DIKO is the governance token for ArkadikoDAO.

DIKO serves as the Governance token of the Arkadiko Protocol. It is the main coordination mechanism that we use within the ecosystem. The DIKO token will allow holders to have a say in important decisions that the ArkadikoDAO proposes. It will also capture yield from several sources, starting with standard protocol emissions but possibly extending to protocol fees.

Prior to the launch of the protocol on 21 October 2021, Arkadiko secured funding to develop the platform through a strategic raise with several key ecosystem partners and funds. 12% of the DIKO supply was sold at $0.25 / DIKO. Sale participants had a 6 month cliff, followed by linear monthly unlocks for the next 4 years. The team tokens are following the exact same vesting schedule.

The rest of the DIKO supply is being distributed through protocol emissions. The final chunk of DIKO supply is allocated to the ArkadikoDAO, to be reserved for future use.

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