Running a Job

In order to create a job, you will need to deploy a Clarity smart contract that is conform with the Arkadiko Keeper Automation trait (arkadiko-automation-trait-v1, TODO: add mainnet link).

High-level, you can automate your smart contract using the following steps:

  1. Make your contract Keepers-compatible so the Keepers Network knows how to check if your contract should be called, and what to do when calling your contract.

  2. Fund your address in the Arkadiko Job Registry with sufficient DIKO and STX (we recommend about 2000 DIKO and 15 STX). The DIKO and STX will be credited each time your smart contract runs. Currently, one smart contract execution costs 10 DIKO as a reward for the keeper and 0.001 STX as a reward for the gas fee.

  3. After your job is registered and funded, you can manage it (e.g. enable/disable) through the job registry smart contract.

You can read a small tutorial and example use case in the Keepers-compatible contracts section.

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