The DIKO token enables users to weigh in on active proposals in the ArkadikoDAO. This way, users actually own the protocol with contributors acting in the interest of the DAO, with proper checks and balances in place. Using this approach, Arkadiko can scale and adapt in a decentralized, community-driven way.
An example of Governance decisions is depicted below. Given that the protocol will probably generate revenue from a few different streams, such as stability or swap fees, we can choose to give a portion of these fees back to active Security Module stakers. Initially, these fees will go to the Arkadiko team to ensure enough development resources to help Arkadiko grow as fast and efficient as possible
We are huge proponents of decentralized governance and DAO-ownership. However, it is of our opinion that in the early days of a protocol, the best path to success is more centralized leadership. Over time, control en fee distribution can become more decentralized as a strong community takes hold.