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Strategic Raise

The ArkadikoDAO has raised strategic investment from several engaged parties that will support the growth of the ecosystem in the early days. We've chosen this approach to create incentives for early infrastructure and liquidity providers to join the ArkadikoDAO at a ground level. Together we have been dividing roles and building a wider community.
Our strategic partners all bring a clear value add to Arkadiko. On top of providing initial liquidity to the swap, some of them will provide Keeper services such as Vault Liquidations and arbitrage. Without these essential partners, growth and stability for Arkadiko in its early days would be more difficult.
DIKO strategic sale participants have the same lock-up schedule on their DIKO as the team tokens, meaning a 6 month cliff followed by linear unlocks over a 4-year period. We hope this will incentivize all of them to keep supporting Arkadiko for a long time to come.
Strategic sale participants receive 10% of their total locked DIKO vested at Arkadiko launch. They will be providing DIKO as liquidity in the pools as a compensation for these unlocked tokens.