Incentives and rewards

Arkadiko is a protocol with natural incentives meaning that all stakeholders on the platform receive direct benefits for the service they provide.
The DIKO token is used as a coordination and incentive mechanism. DIKO's supply is ever-inflating, according to a pre-set emission schedule, optimized to distribute DIKO in a fair and efficient way.
More info regarding the emission schedule can be found here.
From the total DIKO supply it can be seen that 50% is reserved for distribution to the community. This leads to weekly emissions to chosen staking or liquidity pools. Governance can decide the weights for these different pools or propose new area's where DIKO rewards make sense.
Next to the standard weekly emission, Arkadiko will run a specialised liquidity mining launch event for the first 6 weeks of its existence. During this event, we will reward Vault Owners with DIKO tokens, incentivizing core users and metrics within Arkadiko.